Aug 26, 2013

Synchronizing savegames on Windows

For all of us that like to play the same game in different computers, there's a simple way to keep or game progress synced between computers and even backed on the cloud. The good thing about this approach is that you don't need any other software (if you already have the client of your favourite cloud provider) and its kinda simple to setup for a couple of games.


The idea is to have the save games stored in the cloud, linked to our cloud client's directory, so when they're modified, they will be updated in the cloud as well as the other devices we're playing from.

Setup (only needed once)

First of all, make a backup of your save game folder (just in case), then follow these steps:
  1. Create a folder inside Google Drive's folder for your save games.
  2. Find your game's save game location. (Google is your friend)
  3. Copy the save game folder to the one created in Google Drive.

Per-Computer setup

We have to do the following in every computer we want to have synced with the save games:
  1. Go to your game's save location and rename or delete the folder.
  2. Open a command window in the same location and type the following:
    mklink /J <Save game Folder> <GDrive Folder>
Example for Civilization V:
mklink /J "C:\Users\<User>\Documents\My Games\Civilization V\Saves"
"D:\Google Drive\Savegames\Civilization V\Saves"

You can change Google Drive for Dropbox or use another client.